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More than just a trading community

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About us

We let the numbers do the talking. Our goal through New Eden is to shorten YOUR learning curve whilst mastering the financial markets in the world of trading. Transparency and communal energy is key here wthin New Eden. With our vast amount of experience within the markets, we know exactly which pitfalls you can avoid during this journey of becoming a profitable trader.

Enrolled certified private anomaly students


Community members in our FREE digital trading hub


Accounts managed or connected to our trading services


Years actively trading on Beursplein 5


Become an anomaly, get 5 years worth of knowledge within Max's databank. Personal meetings, homework assignments, group check-ins and much more

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Gain access to our static course and all future updates. Here you can chose between a more beginner friendly course, or gain access to EXODUS alone.

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E- Course

Let our experts manage your proprietary trading accounts, suitable for all major prop firms on the market. Catered to your needs and desires.

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Connect your own account to one of our algorithms and follow our portfolio with the automated strategies we provide

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Copy Trading 


Numerous different partners we work with in our trading eco-system.

Our Partners


New Eden Premium


Just what you need!


In my opinion there is no better community. Extremely knowledgeable men. Have you ever met the founders personally and are really serious guys, they certainly show that in the options that are offered. Definitely recommended.

New Eden Prospect


Best course and community!


Purchased several forex courses, but this one is certainly distinctive. Extremely large amount of teaching material by means of videos. You will also end up in a super fun community where you can all come up with the best trades. If you have any questions, you can always contact one of the gentlemen. In short; worth every euro (especially if you follow the Vault signals)

New Eden Prospect


Very satisfied!


Very satisfied with the help and attention you give them plus the promising events that are planned. They have built a beautiful group that help and support each other. Information is of good quality and easy to follow.

Become a consistent trader within our community

Join our open community 👽

Our goal is help you find your flow, and consistency within the financial markets. More than just learning technicals, but also the lifestyle required to maintain your potential success, all of that can be kickstarted within our FREE community. And always, if you want to elevate your progress, we have numerous services ready catered to your needs. 

Being surrounded by other successfull traders is the key to going full time.

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