Becoming a Prospect

Learn all the blueprints and strategies that we use at NEW EDEN. In collaboration with Better Options, round up your experience with two knowledge packed days at Beursplein 5 to fine-tune the everything you have learnt.

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Hours of video
Weekly zoom
Check ins
Advanced Practical
Physical days at
Beursplein 5

NE Inner Circle

After having completed the course, you will join a catered circle with your fellow students to always further develop your skills and future in trading.

Course Framework

The course will be split in 3 online sections and finished off with two physical days at the trading floor in Amsterdam. Beursplein 5.

  1. Week 1, The Foundation - Basics of Trading
  2. Week 2, 1st pillar - Mastering a volatile market
  3. Week 3, 2nd pillar - Maximizing the range in trading
  4. Week 4, 3rd pillar - Fusing all knowledge together
The Three Pillars
1 - FOundation

Here you will learn about the foundation of trading, making sure that your mindset is in check before tackling the theory and reality of trading.

2 - Volatility

Become a specialist in mastering volatility and quick algorithmic reactions. Allowing you to understand how liquidity moves after breakouts in the market.

3 - Order flow

See through the charts by specialising in supply and demand trading, following the footsteps of big financial instituitions.

Prospect key take-aways



Gain access to all the learning material and zoom sessions done throughout the month.



Accredited certificate to showcase your accomplishments in trading and understanding of the theory.


Lifetime access

Gain lifetime access to New Eden's digital trading floor, allowing you to follow the trades and content of your mentors.


Inner circle

After support group with your fellow students to always stay up to date with everyones learning curve.



Develop to such an extent that New Eden can offer many different opportunities within the trading realm.


Full support

Always have priority when asking questions with your mentors directly ready for you within New Eden's circle.

Our location

We work from the heart of Amsterdam, in the classic trading building. Beursplein 5.